Hollyhand House

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day

Last of the Christmas posts...promise! 
After we opened presents and got ready, we headed to "Pop Pop's" house for breakfast. 

Sweet John-Ross

John-Ross and Ava Kate
(John-Ross is almost 9 months and AK is almost 3 months!)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa Came to our house...

Ava Kate got up around 7 to eat and we ended up waking Anna Riley up close to 8.  I wasn't sure how she would be because she is one child that really doesn't care about opening presents.  She likes the present, but really doesn't care about opening the present or playing with the paper.  She was like that last year too!   When she came in and saw her tricycle, it was over.  That was all she needed to be happy.  I opened most of the other presents, because she just wanted to play on the tricycle.  She did decide to open a few while sitting on it! Ava Kate sat in her bouncy and watched Big Sis open everything.  She will be in on all the excitement next year.  We enjoyed seeing her eyes light up and I can't imagine how much fun the coming years will be!! 

This picture is so funny to me...She would NOT
leave the tricycle! haha

Make-up brushes like Mommy's!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Night

     Last year, Riley and I started a few traditions with our family on Christmas Eve.  It starts with the Christmas Eve Candlight Communion service at church that night.  I sent both girls to the nursery so we could enjoy it (and actually they were the only ones since we have 3 times you can go...everyone with young kids went to the first service, but we couldn't do that this year).  I love this service and I usually find myself crying through most of it!  I feel like with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you sometimes loose track off what the real meaning of it all is.  And of course the music gets me everytime!  I also think about Riley's mom and how much she loved the Christmas eve service, too and how we wish she were here with us all the time but especially during the holidays.  I just remind myelf she is having the best Christmas in heaven celebrating Jesus' birth!
       When we got home from church, we got baths and got in our pjs. I get the girls a new ornament each year and then we have a new family ornament each year that we hang on the tree on Christmas eve. Riley reads Luke 2 and then I read The Night Before Christmas. We get cookies and milk ready for Santa and then its off to bed for the girls! After the girls are in bed, Riley and I always watch the movie Christmas Vacation (our favorite) on Christmas eve and get things ready for Christmas morning!

All ready for church

Of course we had to have the sippy cup in the picture! :)

Pop Pop, Riley, Anna Riley and Ava Kate before leaving
for church (and the sippy cup yet again!)

Christmas Eve 2011
(AND my child is smiling for the camera!! YAY!)

Anna Riley and Daddy hanging her ornament on the tree

Hanging the family ornanament on the tree

Leaving cookies and milk for
Santa or "HoHo" as Anna Riley says

Sorry Santa...Anna Riley couldn't resist taking a bite of
your cookie!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve lunch with Granna and PawPaw

We had lunch with my parents on Christmas Eve.  Mom fixed lots of wonderful food and we ate and watched Anna Riley open her presents. Ava Kate will get to join in on the fun next year! Both girls got lots of fun stuff.  I don't remember everything but Anna Riley got a keyboard, leapfrog laptop, play makeup, a doctor set, a baby doll, and a latch puzzle from uncle Wesley,  and movies and books for both to share.  Ava Kate got a sound machine for her room, a toy bar for her carseat, and some winter clothes. 

Paw Paw helping AR open her presents

Daddy and Ava Kate watching
Anna Riley open presents

Anna Riley is very picky with baby dolls that she likes...
Granna finally found another doll that she likes!

Anna Riley and Uncle Wes

Getting more goodies out of her stocking

No trip to Berry is complete without
riding on the golfcart! 

PawPaw putting Anna Riley's makeup on! HAHA

No wonder she loves him so much!!

Playing Doctor on Granna

Sweet baby was worn out from the

I love this picture!!
Anna Riley playing Doctor with Granny Boo!