Hollyhand House

Monday, September 10, 2012


Anna Riley had her first ballet class last Tuesday.  She was so excited!   I couldn't go in with her but I watched her through the window.  She did well and really loves it!  Her two teachers are wonderful! 

Labor Day weekend

We spent Labor Day weekend in Fairhope with my parents and Riley's Dad.  I enjoyed getting to spend the weekend with them and the girls loved having all the extra attention!! 
We really relaxed all weekend.  The weather was so nice surprisngly!  It was supposed to rain but we never got any rain while down there! 
AR, Paw Paw and PopPop down by the bay one morning



Lounging around! ;)

Building Sandcastles

Before going out to eat...
She said "take my picture, please!"

Eating at Big Daddys.  The kids love it there...
Sand and a band!  Lots to keep them entertained!

AK learned to climb the stairs!  She climbed all the way to
the top and never stopped!

This picture makes me laugh! ;)

One more...RTR!!