Hollyhand House

Friday, February 8, 2013

Birthday continued...

Birthday Lunch...CFA was requested by the birthday girl along with
Krispy Kreme which we got later that day!

Looking for the perfect bicycle! She has been talking
about this for so long!

Found the one!!

She rode it all around the store!  

Fairhope...Mardi Gras

The weather was actually really great while we were down last weekend.  It is was a little cool at night but felt great during the day!  This was the first weekend of parades in the Fairhope and Daphne area.  We ate a the East Shore Cafe in Daphne (our normal breakfast spot) on Friday night and then watched the parade from there and then on Saturday the parade was in Fairhope.  Keeping AK entertained while we were waiting on the parade to start was quite a challenge...thank goodness for Pop Pop!  He walked all over with her and she quickly learned to say his name! :)  Once the parade started, she was good to go!  Anna Riley got hit in the head with the really big beads on the first night and so every time they threw them she wanted me to cover her head! She did not want to wear the beads...she just wanted to collect them in our bag! ;)  She especially liked all the toys we got! 
Reading books on the way down!

Love when they play together!

Mardi Gras means CRAWFISH!!! :) YUM!

Playing on the bay on Friday after the zoo

AK is mad because she can't walk straight into
the water...summer should be FUN! haha

Mr. Bill Alread ate with us on Friday night and
AR LOVED him!!  She called him Uncle Bill
and was right up under him the whole time!

This is a bad picture but she was so excited about
the first parade!

When we are in town, we usually see these girls!
AR loves playing with Paulette and Mary Harley.

Before the doggy parade on Saturday with Paulette, MH and their

She loves MH!

She kept Pop Pop on the GO!

The little Zoo that Could

We went down to Fairhope last Thursday and decided to drive over to Gulf Shores on Friday to go to the zoo.  The girls loved it!  We took the stroller in with high hopes that AK would stay in it but since that child learned to walk, she does not like to sit still!  So I ended up strolling the empty stroller while she walked around.  The zoo was pretty empty since it was on Friday so that was nice.  The animals were all awake and active (that never happens when we go to the Birmingham zoo...they are always asleep or hiding!)  Ava Kate just giggled at the ones that would come up for you to feed them!  Anna Riley was so funny about whose turn it was to have food next!   She would say "no sir, it not your turn...its the donkey's turn!"