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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve at Granna and PawPaws

On Christmas Eve, we went to my Parent's house in Berry for lunch and presents.   The girls had a blast opening up the presents. They got lots of things but some of the favorites were Anna Riley's cash register she has been wanting,  the doll cradle for both of them, and the Swimming Little Mermaid doll and her guitar.  Ava Kate loved her counting phone and grocery scanner,  and her musical instruments.  They also got the movie Cinderella which made Mommy really happy! :)

AR has to ride the 4wheeler and golfcart if we are in Berry!

The girls' had so much fun opening their presnets. Anna Riley
got her cash register she wanted so bad! 
After the girls had naps, we got ready to we could head straight to the Christmas Eve service at our church in Tuscaloosa.  That is always my favorite service for so many reasons.  It brings tears to my eyes each year. 

Hollyhand Christmas

On Sunday, we celebrated at Riley's Dad's house.  The kids always have so much fun playing together and of course they love opening all the presents!
All the cousins:
Ava Kate, Duncan, Brilyn, Ainslee, Anna Riley

Pop Pop with the 5 grandchildren

Brian (Riley's brother), Leigh,
Ainslee and Brilyn

Amanda (Riley's sister), Wesley and Duncan

*click to make bigger*

Anna Riley and Ainslee both got the My Generation horses so they were excited!  Anna Riley also got a Cinderella clock and Ava Kate got a little cash register, Little people car and the FP Laugh and Learn mirror .  They got a grocery stand and money from Pop Pop.


Earnest Christmas

We always have our extended Earnest family Christmas on the Saturday before Christmas.  My cousin Janet hosted it at her house in Samantha.  We have manly appetizers and desserts (my two favorites!!)  It is always so great to see my cousins and their kids.  Anna Riley had so much fun she did not want to leave. 

Granna and some of the kids playing a game.

This was the hot spot for the kids!  They all piled on the
bed and took turns playing the Wii!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Parent Visitation Day at ABJ

Last week, Anna Riley had Parent Visitation day in her ballet class at ABJ.  We got to go in the room and watch them rather than peeking through the window.  I really had hesitations about starting her in ballet this year because I was aftraid she wouldn't listen or like it much right now.  But, she really loves it so much and looks forward to it each week.  She has really learned a lot in there already and comes home teaching all of us what "Miss Tessa says and does!" She was so excited that we were going to get to come watch her.  She ask me all morning if me and Daddy were still going to come watch her ballet show! ;)   
They also announced their spring recital theme for this year and it is Cinderella.  I got to see a picture of ARs costume.  I am so excited about it!  She was excited it was Cinderella.  She tells me almost everyday that she wants to be Cinderella when she grows up! 
Sorry for the abundance of pictures...

Monday, December 17, 2012

A busy week(end) and one full of birthday celebrations!

We have quite a few birthdays in December.  Riley's is one of them.  His birthday was on Sunday but as always, we slip a few extra days of celebration in there.  Last week was pretty busy for me.  I had 2 weekday Christmas parties to go to.  So, I decided to fix Riley's traditional requested dinner on Wednesday.  He ask for me to cook Spam and Macaroni at some point around his birthday each year.  The story is...when he was little and became picky, his Mom would make Spam and Macaroni for him and he loved it.  He even had it for breakfast a few times because he wouldn't eat anything else at the time.  When he got older, he ask for it each year on his birthday.  Its the only time I ever see him eating Spam but he really likes it!  He makes the girls try it and they actually eat it also..even Anna Riley!
On Thursday, our little friend Tripp turned one, so we met Amanda and Tripp at Hokkiado for lunch and the girls sat at the grill for the first time.  They love Japanese food but we have just never did the grill.  They were both so still and watched everything he did!!  After that, we went to Krispy Kreme because AR thinks a meal out (much less a birthday meal) isn't complete without KK!

We took this at Hokkiado!  I love the face she is making! HAHA

Saturday, we had 2 birthday parties and then Riley and I were going out to eat to celebrate his birthday.  We actually only made it to one of our parties, the girls were pooped and AR feel asleep on the way to party #2!  They had lots of fun at Tripp's Barnyard party though!!  AR has been several times now and she definietly knows the routine there!!

I let AK ride the pony this time!


Saturday night, my friend Bethany offered to watch the girls so we could go out to dinner.  We went to Chuck's so we could get some sushi also. 


Sunday was so messy outside, but we went to chuch and then brunch at FIG. We came back home and put on PJs and watched Christmas movies.  Riley and I even got to watch a movie while the girls napped.   Anna Riley helped me make brownies and she made him blow out a candle after dinner! 

I am so thankful for such a wonderful husband that I can call my best friend and someone that is such a wonderful father!  The girls and I are SO blessed!!

Santa came to our neighborhood!

 Last Sunday afternoon, Santa came to visit at a house in our neighborhood.  We had lemonade and cookies and he gave everyone a candy cane.  Anna Riley was so excited to get to see Santa for the 3rd time!!  And...third time must be the charm because Ava Kate actually didn't cry!  I love the first picture because you can see her telling him she wants FOUR things:  A new kitchen, a cash register, a scooter and a bicycle.  (we have already broke it to her that Santa can't fit the scooter and bicycle at the same time but maybe she could pick one out for her birthday!)  She has kept that same list (and added some here and there) for several months!  Its amazing to see how much she has grown since last year.

Having cookies and lemonde with two of our next door neighbors

This was before chuch on Sunday morning...
I just love this picture.  (I do hate that it
isn't focused though..my camera was on
manual fpcus! uugh)

I dread the day when they tell me they don't
want to match! :(

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday "Baby Dunc"

After Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, we headed to Dunan's birthday party. Can't believe this little guy is already 1!

He was so excited about his cake!

Someone else got a little excited about cake!

Presents!!! Poor thing...all the cousins were trying to take
them over!


All the cousins! :)