Hollyhand House

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who does Ava Kate look like?!

         The Hollyhand gene must be a pretty strong gene because both of my girls look so much like their Daddy.  Anna Riley did have more of my baby features and looked more like my pictures as 6 months.  (When I find one of those, I might compare us all soon!)  We constantly get the question..."Well you do you think Ava Kate looks like?"  I think they pretty much know its not me but some still say she does! :)  She might have a few of my features but when you see Riley's baby pictures, there is no denying, she looks just like him!  I do hope she has his laid back personality because I am afraid to say Anna Riley got my impatient and sometimes dramatic personality! :)

Sunday afternoon Fun

            Sunday, after church, our neighbor Audrey called and wanted to borrow Riley's compressor to air up the kids' swimming pool and slide.  After we finished eating, we walked over.  I didn't put AR in a swimsuit because I figured she wouldn't even get in and if she wanted to, I would just take clothes off because nap time was around the corner so we couldn't play for too long anyways.  She had a ball, as she always does with the Brooks kids and AK enjoyed watching. 

Simon and Anna Riley playing on the slide

Getting the slide ready

Maggie, AR and Addie Gail