Hollyhand House

Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny came and brought lots of fun
goodies to play with this summer!

My sweet girl is growing up so fast!

It was raining so we had to take pictures inside! :(

I love how Anna Riley is looking up
at Riley! So sweet! They adore their
Silly faces! 

I had to post these next few because they make me laugh!
It is so hard to get a picture sometimes!

The best we could get! AK is crying because she wants
her Daddy!

We enjoyed a wonderful service at church!

Lunch at Aunt Grace's house. AK enjoyed
the Easter cupcakes!

She loves her Pop Pop!!

Playing with the Easter goodies that afternoon!

Egg Hunt at Pop Pop's house

The Saturday before Easter, we had an egg hunt at Pop Pop's house.  Unfortunately it was raining so we had to hunt eggs in the basement.  The two little ones were not interested in the eggs at all.  They wanted to climb up and down the stairs.  Anna Riley loved hunting the eggs but stopped each time to open it and get the candy out! 

Duncan really enjoyed the chocolate!

It is frustrating sometimes that we can't get a good picture
but these are the ones I will look back on a laugh! :)

They said they were talking about "birthdays"

AK decided to join the conversation