Hollyhand House

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Anna Riley's first ballet recital

Anna Riley had her first ballet recital last Saturday.  She did so good!  I was really nervous that she would get up there and cry because she has been going through a stage since she was home with me over spring break.  If she had of that would have been ok, because they are little and it is very overwhelming but she was so excited!   It helped that we had just been to see the play, Little Mermaid and we talked about how she would be up on the big stage.  They suggested that everyone wear makeup so that their little faces didn't flush under the lights so AR was thrilled to get to play in my makeup twice for dress rehearsal and for the big day!  The Bama Theater was a packed house and she did well under the pressure because it was the best I had seen her do her dance.  We couldn't take pictures inside and I mainly videoed at dress rehearsal but here are a few before and after.  

Holding Grannas hand on the way!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The weekend

We didn't do much on Friday night.  Anna Riley and I went to get grocery items for our fish fry were having on Saturday and we went to Archibalds to get ribs. I have always loved Archibalds ribs but it was my first experience ever going to get them.  If you have ever been to the Archibalds on MLK drive you know what I am talking about...it doesn't even fit the "hole in the wall" description!  haha!
Saturday morning, we kept our neighbor, Maggie, while her Audrey hosted a bridal tea.  We took the girls to CHOM to play and Taco Casa for lunch.  Anna Riley had been asking for "the Casa" almost everyday this week and she and Maggie sat there until they ate every single bite!  

Saturday night, we had a few friends over for a fish fry.  The men cooked the fish and they turned out great.  I made my Mom's potato salad and hush puppies for the first time and even though it wasn't just like Mom's yet, it was pretty good for my first time! The kids had a blast playing together!!

Sunday afternoon, I took Anna Riley to see the Little Mermaid, Jr. that the Children's Theater put on at the Bama Theater.  We sat on the front row and she kept asking if she was going to get on stage with Little Mermaid! I think I was just as excited as she was.  When I would go on field trips to see plays as a student teacher and then as a teacher, I couldn't wait until I had children to take!  It was a fun date for the two of us!  Anna Riley's teacher had children in it and her teacher's aide was the stage director.

She wanted to us to both wear hats!  We were headed to the
grocery store to pick up things for our fish fry.

These are the two eaters of the group!  I think they were in
competition of who could eat the most!

This is what the men did all night...

And this is what the women did all night! ;)

Date with my sweet girl
The Little Mermaid at the Bama Theater

Monday, April 29, 2013

Kitchen remodel

I have had several people ask about our kitchen remodel.  We are finally finished!  It took a little longer than expected but I think there are always bumps in the road with any remodel!  I love the way it turned out and we are enjoying the new space!
Our house was built in the 60's so we have did remodels here and there to update it.  I love older homes for the character they have and it is so fun to watch something old and outdated have life again.  It drives me crazy while in the process because of the huge mess it creates but I always love the finished product!
We are still lacking a shade for the kitchen window and something to go over the backpacks and trash can.  We have a new pullout trash but we decided to keep the other for a while until we have something to go in the space. We decided to not have an eat-in kitchen anymore also.  Our dining room opens up to the living room so it has not been a problem to eat in there. We have actually enjoyed it more.









More pictures...

We also did the pantry/laundry room...
I regret that I didn't take a picture of this
room but it was the most outdated room
in the whole house!

Ears, Ears, Ears

The past few weeks we have talked about ears a lot in our house! I mentioned a few weeks ago that Ava Kate was having several ear infections and the doctors said tubes were the best option so we saw the ENT and the next day he put tubes in.  She went back for her recheck and was great. 

At Anna Riley's 3 year check, we discussed her hearing issue.  Lately she ask us to repeat things things a lot.  Almost anything we say, she says "what, huh?"  I felt this might be just a habit she was forming but we just wanted to get her tested to be sure.  In February, we had decided to give it a month or so and if she was still doing it, we would have her hearing tested.  After a month, she was still asking us to repeat things, so we went to Alabama Speech and Hearing to have it tested.  She did great through all the tests and fortunately everything tested out fine!  
Waiting to get her hearing tested

Good results= a treat!  She got the duck after she did the test.

Waiting to get AKs ears rechecked and hearing tested at
 Dr. Benoits office

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter Photo session

We had a mini Easter/spring photo session with Pamela Bell back in March.  The girls love animals so I knew they would love the baby lamb and chicks.  Ava Kate nearly squeezed a chick to its death but thankfully we walked away with no dead animals!!