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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

 Sunday, after church, lunch and naps we headed to the Thomas' for an Easter party and egg hunt.  The kids had so much fun and Mandy and her Mom and sister did such a great job decorating for the party!  It was so cute! 
My little cutie pie!
This one couldn't find a lot of
eggs because she kept stopping
to see if something was in them.

Bentley is just a month older than Ava Kate.  I think
I might arrange him to be a future boyfriend! :)

I love this!  Anna Riley has icing all over her face and
Emma has stamps all over hers!  So cute!
I just love the friendships Anna Riley has with these girls!
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The Easter Bunny & Jackson's Barnyard Birthday

This weekend was pretty jam-packed with multiple things going on both days.  We took the girls to the Anders Toy Store in Downtown Northport to see the Easter Bunny.  While giving the girl our address for our picture, Anna Riley just hopped right in his lap.  After getting their picture made, we let her pick out a toy from the toy store. 

I love how she is really
checking him out!
Ava Kate's 1st Easter!
 We had a birthday party at the Barnyard at 3 so we had Anna Riley lay down for a nap after lunch.  She ended up laying in her bed playing most of the time and sleeping for about 30-45 minutes before waking up.  We headed to the Barnyard and it was a perfect day for an outdoor party!  The weather was great!  Ava Kate was all tied in the Moby Wrap and she was so content the whole time. Anna Riley loves all the animals there so she was having a great time until it was time for pony rides.  She LOVES that pony but it is so hard to make a 2 year old understand that you have to wait your turn...and it just so happened that she was last in line of oh like 15 kids! So the meltdown began! Once she got on the pony, the tears stopped of course! She was tired on top of everything so we had to end the party after the pony ride (which Riley said she would not be getting next time!)  It's a hard age but wouldn't trade it for anything!
AK soaking it all in!
I just love this picture!
Feeding the ducks with her cousins, Ainslee & Brilyn
Boat Ride with Daddy
Feeding the goat...She kept telling him to "eat!!"
Up Close and Personal with the Emu
The long awaited pony ride!
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Monday, March 26, 2012

More pictures @ University Club

Just a few pictures of the kids at the University Club on Sunday after Ava Kate's bapstism. 

Ainslee and Anna Riley (1st cousins)

I love how Ainslee is trying to kiss Brilyn
This is 4 of the 5 grandkids (AK being the 5th)
Brilyn, Ainslee and Duncan
Thought we would add one more to the mix!
ALL 5!  Poor Duncan didn't like AK sitting on him!
Bless his heart!
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Ava Kate's Baptism

Sunday was such a wonderful day!  We had Ava Kate baptized in the church that morning.  Our family and some special friends joined us for the special event in our baby girl's life. 
We are so thankful for our two blessings from God!

My sweet baby girl!
She wore the same gown AR did
when she was baptized.

Being baptized by Dr. Dunavent

After church, our family went to the University Club for lunch.

PawPaw and Kat with AR and AK

Our family with PopPop

The Hollyhand Family

PawPaw and AK

PopPop and AK