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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anna Rileys first haircut

The week before Christmas, I finally decided it was time to shape Anna Riley's hair up.  Her hair is so thin and kind of "ratty."  I had been asking Janet when when we should get it trimmed and she said to wait to give the sides time to grow out a little so we decided it was time. I was really worried she wouldn't sit still and might have a meltdown but she did so great! She was such a big girl!!  I don't know if it was the diet Mt. dew and suckers that Janet was bribing her with or what but it worked! Haha!


Getting Started

"Ok, Mom...are you going to do this the whole time??"

Taking the first cut

Such a big girl!

It wasn't a lot taken off but it made a
lot of difference in her hair and hopefully
it will help it grow better!

I think even she was proud!

Oh she looks so big!!

Thank you Mrs. Janet!!

Visit from friends

On Friday, December 16th, Becca was in town for Christmas with Zach's family, so she got to stop by for a visit!  It was so nice to spend some time catching up with her...well in between the "girls, you need to share...girls, what is wrong, why are you crying?"  We just don't get to see each other enough so the time we have together goes by too quickly! 

The girls watching Mickey Mouse and eating a snack
(Kendall came along to play too!)

Sweet little Evan

How sweet is this??
Already trying to hold hands! :)

Ava Kate & Evan
2 1/2 nonths apart