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Monday, January 9, 2012

Anna Riley's first day of Day School

Today was Anna Riley's first day of Day School.  She will be going to Noah's Ark at St. Mark on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  I knew without a doubt that she was going to cry when we dropped her off but she actually did much better than I anticipated!  We had been talking to her about "school" for a few days now and telling her all the fun things she would get to do.  Riley met me at school this so he could come meet her teachers.  She cried for just a few minutes but by the time we were out the door, she wasn't crying anymore.  We stood in the hall and talked to the director for a few minutes and didn't hear any crying or screaming so I felt really good about it!
I was so anxious to pick her up and see how her day went!! They said she had a pretty good day and only got a little upset when they would change activies. Everytime I ask her if she had fun and did she like school, she just starts laughing! On Wednesday, I won't take her in but they will come get her in the carpool lane so we will see how that goes!

All dressed in our houndstooth for the
Big Championship Game Day!

First Day of Dayschool

I tried getting a picture of the girls before we left...
Can you tell something is on TV and Ava Kate is
so amazed with the dots on her pants!  :)

Her Daily Report for her first day!