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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh Two-dles...Anna Riley's Birthday party Part 1

We had Anna Riley's birthday party on Saturday, February 4th (her actual birthday) at Playhouse Christian Academy, a local daycare, that rents out for birthday parties as well. The party was at 10 am and I only had 30 minutes to set everything up so I was a little frazzled trying to get it all done...not to mention that the lady was 5 minutes late to open the door!  Oh the stress...one of these days I am going to get smart and just walk in with some cupcakes and be be done! :) 
Thanks to my wonderful Mom for all of her help!!!  I couldn't do it without her!!  
Since I took so many pictures, I will break them up over a few different posts.  Here are some of the decorations at the party...
This picture was framed at the party.  I am still amazed
that I got her to take a picture with the ears on...and smiling!!
The invitation by Do It Cute!  Peyton does such a great job!!
I showed her an example of something I liked and she
created it and then added some of her own touches, too!
Check her out on facebook if you ever need
any invitations, cards, etc!

The food table...We had hot dogs (Mickey's favorite),
fruit, chips, dip, popcorn puffs, m&ms & cupcakes.

I found the Mickey Mouse dishes at Target

My high school English teacher, Elaine Renfroe made
the cupcakes and they were wonderful!!
I bought printables from Etsy to make the banners,
labels...it also had cupcake toppers and a few other things
that I didn't need this time. I lucked up and got the printable
for only $5!!

The table centerpieces

Mickey/Minnie favor bags I made.  The bags had
some of AR's favorites: M&Ms, Fruit snacks, suckers,
crayons, stickers for the girls and tatoos for the boys.

More pictures to come...