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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Football weekends

Football season is here!!! Oh how I love making some good tailgaiting food and enjoying the game (or the parts I can watch with 2 little kids!)
Last weekend, the game was at home.  It was supposed to be raining all day so we had decided to just hang out at home.  Riley worked that morning, so the girls and I went to Publix to get our ingredients for our yummy tailgating food.  Riley's Dad came to watch the game with us!

I made taco shells, fiesta dip and Pizza bites.  It was all very good!
I love having Pinterst around!!!

The girls in their uniforms.  They wouldn't cooperate
to take a picture together!

This was Saturday morning! :)  Such a happy baby!

This past weekend the game was in Arkansas.  Friday night, Riley and I went to eat with two other couples at Nick's in the Sticks.  We have started a "Supper Club" but rather than having dinner at each other's houses, we all pick a night and get sitters and go out to eat together.  It was so much fun!  We had not been to Nick's in probably 3 years or longer so it was fun to go back and the ticket is always CHEAP! ;)   Our sitter got last minute tickets to Arkansas, so Mom and Dad came and spent the night and kept the girls since Mom had to work on Saturday.  AR went back with my Dad on Saturday and spent the night with them.
We had 3 couples and their kids over to watch the game and we had so much food!  Each of us ended up bringing/making 3 things so we had quite the variety!  Have I mentioned how incredibly hard it is to lose weight during football season! :/
I made the caramel apple dip, homeade pizza rolls and rotel cups.  We also had a tomato basil dip, corndog bites, chicken nuggets, Bama cookies, cheeseburger dip, smoked wings, bacon swiss dip, hummus and an apple dessert!  YUM!!!!!  Good thing this was lunch and supper!

The game was a Shutout so it got a little boring toward the end...but so glad we were on the winning side of it! :)
All ready for church

Loving the one on one time!

Sunday, Ava Kate slept in until 9!!!  So we headed to Sunday School and then went to FIVE for brunch...more fattening food but oh so good!  We got to sit in their new Java section and I got a Mocha Latte...just what I needed! ;) 
Ava Kate enjoyed all the attention she got on Saturday and Sunday.  I think she could get used to that!
I think we are going to take Anna Riley to the game this Saturday!  It will be her first game!!  I am sure we won't last long but it is just Fl. Atlantic so it won't be so bad if we have to leave early. 


Anna Riley woke up Wednesday morning, 2 weeks ago complaining with her leg and mostly her knee.  I thought it probably was the way she slept on it and we went on about the day.  She went to school and came home and took a nap.  After nap, she did it again.  But as the first time, she didn't complain much after she would get up and going.  That weekend, we were in Fairhope for Labor Day weekend and the limping got worse.  Tuesday morning, I made an appointment with her Pediatrician. 
This is blurry but I thought it was
so cute!...Playing in the waiting room
She loved all the fish
in the waiting room.
She wanted us to get Xrays of her leg.  Anna Riley had her first ballet class that morning and so Dr. Roberts said to let her go but watch to make sure she wasn't in any pain.  After ballet, we headed to the Radiology clinic to have Xrays done.  AR did great with the Xrays!  (funny side note:  she kept telling me the screen on the machine looked just like the Ipad! haha)

Waiting for the Doctor
Xrays came back fine so Dr. Roberts thought it was probably a sprain. But, a week later...she was still limping and it had gotten worse.  Dr. Roberts ordered blood work to rule out any arthritis.  AR was such a big girl with that also!  The blood work came back normal so we moved on to the next step! 

She set up an appintment with Dr. Doyle at Children's hospital.  He is a pediatric orthapedic doctor and he was SO great with AR!  We went there on Thursday.  He did a little exam on AR...moving her legs all around and making her run and walk and then we had more Xrays...this time of her foot.  Still nothing showed up on the Xray but Dr. Doyle was pretty sure it was a hairline fracture in her foot.  He didn't want to expose her to any more radiation at the time.  He said before he got test happy (as many Doctors do) he wanted to see if wearing a boot for 2 weeks would help.

Worn out but still holding on to the
pencil she got at the Dr. Office!
Next Thursday we will go back and see if there is any improvement.  If not...more Xrays and tests.  In order to do an MRI on a small child, they have to be put under general anesthesia so we don't want to do that unless it is absolutely necessary. 

AR has been doing quite well with the boot.  She went to school the next day and they said she did great.  It took her a few days to get used to it but she doesn't really complain about wearing it.  During the 2 weeks, she also has to sit out of ballet and gymnastics at school.   Hopefully, all will be well in 2 weeks and no more boot!