Hollyhand House

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Picture overload

I feel like I have been sick for a month now and then AK got the stomach bug this week so I have not been in a blogging mood lately.  Here is an abundance of pictures taken with my phone.   

This child loves wearing my shoes!

So prissy!

Giving "Ella" kisses

These two have the best time in the tub!

A rainy day activity

The girls have a new love for monster trucks!

Trying out the new bike!

More high heels!

Where did my baby go?!

I think she just loves shoes in general! :)

Storytime...AK literally screamed
the whole time they did the
bubbles at the end!

I love watching them play together...they have been
so sweet to one another lately! 

This picture melts my heart!  AK hasn't felt well and AR
is a little mama to her!  

Enjoying some of the nice weather we had at one point
this month, with our neighbors

AK loves Anna Riley's PB chair!  

Anna Riley's loves to get in Ava Kates bed!

Such a Daddy's girl!

Time for your checkup!  

Friday, February 15, 2013

16 months- Feb. 6

Ava Kate turned 16 months on February 6 and I have been a little under the weather so I am a little behind.  Here are a few things Little Miss AK is doing at 16 months:
-She wears size 18 month clothes.  We are ready for spring because we are running out of winter clothes that fit her! 
-Her shoes size seems to be around a 4/5. 
-She wears size 4 diaper.
-She takes 1-2 naps a day.  We are at the point where we can do without the morning nap on most days. The days Anna Riley is home, she refuses to take one because she is so busy playing, but the days Anna Riley is at school she gets more fussy and takes a short one.  When she takes them, it doesn't interfere with her afternoon nap, so she can take them as long as she likes! :)  
-She still goes to bed around 7 at night.  She still does great at night (knock on wood!) 

-She still eats pretty much anything. I have noticed she is not a fan of apples, she always spits them back out. 
-She thinks she is as big as her sister and wants everything that AR gets.  She likes to drink the Capri waters and eat fruit snacks like Big sister does.  
-She goes in the pantry all the time and brings out "bite bites" or sometimes even oranges with the peel bitten off!  
-She still loves her milk and has about 2-3 cups a day.

-She is walking and almost running everywhere now!  She stays on the go! She does not like for you to push her in anything now that she can walk.  
-She is also a climber!!  She has climbed on our coffee table, the kid table in the playroom and her favorite spot to climb up on is the brick hearth on the fireplace...she likes to sit there!  
-She loves to get into cabinets!  We have never "child-proofed" our house with locks and such but there are a few strong rubber bands on a couple of the cabinet doors at the moment to keep her from taking out every Tupperware bowl that we own since that seems to be her favorite!!

-She loves to play "peek-a-boo" and usually puts her hands on top of her head rather than her eyes!
-She likes when we sing songs!  She loves the "Wheels on the bus", "ABCs" and "If you are Happy and you know it."
-When she will be still for a few minutes, she enjoys looking at books.
-She and Anna Riley play great together most of the time unless AK is trying to take things away or messing up what Anna Riley is trying to do!  

-She loves animals!!  
-She loves to look at pictures!  Every morning and night she wants to walk down the hall and look at all the pictures and point to them and at night she will give them a kiss.  She will also go get the picture of Riley's Mom off his nightstand and walk around with it kissing it.  
-She is attached to her pink blanket that she sleeps with at night and lately she has just loved this brown bear that her cousin, Brilyn, handed down to her.  She has been taking it to bed now too and loves on it all the time!  
-She hates to cuddle! :(  She will sit in my lap IF I have snacks and milk and books but no cuddling...not even when she doesn't feel well!  

-She can give some really serious looks!  It is hilarious!  I can't wait to see what her personality is going to be like (or maybe I can!! haha)
-She jabbers all the time and is starting to say more words...a few new ones are:  She says "thank you" all the time now, "bite bite", "PopPop", "Ganna", "Sister", "bear", "dog",  "duck", and I know there are more but I can't think of them right now.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Birthday continued...

Birthday Lunch...CFA was requested by the birthday girl along with
Krispy Kreme which we got later that day!

Looking for the perfect bicycle! She has been talking
about this for so long!

Found the one!!

She rode it all around the store!  

Fairhope...Mardi Gras

The weather was actually really great while we were down last weekend.  It is was a little cool at night but felt great during the day!  This was the first weekend of parades in the Fairhope and Daphne area.  We ate a the East Shore Cafe in Daphne (our normal breakfast spot) on Friday night and then watched the parade from there and then on Saturday the parade was in Fairhope.  Keeping AK entertained while we were waiting on the parade to start was quite a challenge...thank goodness for Pop Pop!  He walked all over with her and she quickly learned to say his name! :)  Once the parade started, she was good to go!  Anna Riley got hit in the head with the really big beads on the first night and so every time they threw them she wanted me to cover her head! She did not want to wear the beads...she just wanted to collect them in our bag! ;)  She especially liked all the toys we got! 
Reading books on the way down!

Love when they play together!

Mardi Gras means CRAWFISH!!! :) YUM!

Playing on the bay on Friday after the zoo

AK is mad because she can't walk straight into
the water...summer should be FUN! haha

Mr. Bill Alread ate with us on Friday night and
AR LOVED him!!  She called him Uncle Bill
and was right up under him the whole time!

This is a bad picture but she was so excited about
the first parade!

When we are in town, we usually see these girls!
AR loves playing with Paulette and Mary Harley.

Before the doggy parade on Saturday with Paulette, MH and their

She loves MH!

She kept Pop Pop on the GO!