Hollyhand House

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

In the past, we have always had Thanksgiving lunch in Tuscaloosa or Berry and then headed to Fairhope for the rest of the weekend.  But this year we decided to just have Thanksgiving dinner in Fairhope.  We left Thursday morning around 8:30 and we were in Fairhope by lunch time.  Mom and I had made a few sides and Mom made dressing and we put it in the cooler to take down.  A guy that works with Riley smoked us a ham and turkey. 
The weather was PERFECT!!!  Thursday and Friday was just gorgeous...it turned cooler on Saturday but it was still nice!  We ate outside, let the kids play, rode the golfcart and just relaxed!  Mom and I went shopping on Friday morning for a little while.  We did not do the traditional Black Friday madness (or Black Thursday?! now).  We went to a few places on around 8 am and did get some good deals and it wasn't crowded at all and then came back to the house and enjoyed the rest of the day. 
I love having Riley's Dad and my parents down at the same time.  I love that they get along so well!  The girls love having all the attention!  Riley and I both only had one set of living grandparents so I hope ours girls cherish these trips! 
Riley and I even got to go on a date after the game on Saturday!  We went to Camilla Cafe. I had been on my girls trip but he had not been yet.  


Hollyhand Thanksgiving

We always do Thanksgiving with Riley's family a few days early so we did it on the Sunday night before Thanksgiving.  My sisters-in-law and myself hosted a baby shower that afternoon so we decided to have dinner catered at Mr. Doug's house.  What a great decision! 
The grandkids always enjoy playing together.  Anna Riley follows Brilyn and Ainslee around everywhere.  Ainslee couldn't even go to the bathroom by herself bless her heart!  Ava Kate wasn't feeling good so she cried the majority of the time we were there. 
Trying to get a picture of the grandkids is never easy!

Sweet cousins

"Baby Dunc" as AR calls him

These two play together good too when AK is being mean
to sweet Duncan!

The little drama queen!

Riley's brother Brian, Leigh, Ainslee and Brilyn

Poor Duncan was done!
Our attempt at a family picture... at least one child is smiling