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Monday, February 18, 2008

Too close to home

Last night Riley and I went to eat at his parents house and his Mom was telling me about the horrible robbery at Hudson and Poole, a local jewlery store that our neighor's parents own. She said that three armed men came in the store and held their guns up and started taking things. People were in the store and had to get on the ground just like you see in the movies. Who would ever thought that would have happened in Tuscaloosa! This all happened on Saturday around noon. Well, Riley and I were just in there the past Saturday and Riley had planned on going back Saturday (around noon!) to pick up my wedding band but for some reason he caught up at the office and decided to just go home instead of going. WOW! God works in mysterious ways! I know that was a horrible exerperience for everyone that was there; but thank God know one was hurt!

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Marty, Peyton & Lily Grace James said...

Oh my goodness!! How scary! I am so glad GOD was watching over Riley and he wasn't there. There is a reason for everything!