Hollyhand House

Sunday, August 30, 2009

15 week appointment

I went to the Doctor on Tuesday and everything looked good. The heartbeat was about 160 again. I had gained half a pound since the last appointment. I am feeling much better now, just really tired when I get home from school. I have been a clean freak at school here lately because of all the flu going around! I Lysol everything and use clorox wipes to wipe everything down every afternoon. However...I still get sick!! I came home Friday after a wonderful massage and felt GREAT! Then...it hits! The stuffy nose, sneezing, cant breathe! And what has been bothering me the most is the rapid heart rate I get occasionally (I think it just scares me a little because I cant catch my breath!) But I have heard that it is completely normal and Im sure its just worse now because Im sick. Hope that is all I get...swine stay away!