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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Warning: very long post!

Ok...I am trying to catch up a little.
Baby Update: I am 22 1/2 weeks and I feel like I have grown so much in the past couple of weeks. I finally started feeling her kick from the outside of my stomach last week. I felt her for the first time last Tuesday. It was funny because for 3 days in a row, everytime I would assess a student on his/her letters, she would start kicking like crazy! Maybe that means she will love to learn! :) Riley finally got to feel her Friday afternoon. He was starting to get very frustrated because he couldn't feel her. It is such an amazing feeling...I just light up every time she moves! I have also had CRAZY dreams...I mean some are very disturbing! haha. I am definitely getting up more to pee which is just so delightful! :) And the appetite...well it has finally picked up! haha

I had a birthday on Sunday. I have a wonderful husband that always makes each birthday very special. I actually kept forgetting my bday was coming up which is unusual at my age...usually I have lots of plans! I am sure because the best present will not arrive until Feb so I have my mind on that! :) But I did enjoy three great meals over the weekend which is wonderful for someone that is pregnant! We got to try out the new restaurant in town, Melinas (where the Globe used to be) and it was great!! I also spent Saturday shopping with my Mom.

We have had so much going on for the past couple of months. Rileys mom is still in the hospital at UAB. She has been in the ICU 4 times since the end of August. They have had to open her up 3 different times to "fix" things. So we have been busy going back and forth to Bham. She had another surgery last night because of 2 spots on her liver and is having a chest tube put in tomorrow to drain fluid off her lungs. We are hoping this will be the end of surgeries! Please keep her and the family in your thoughts and prayers...this had been a battle she has been fighting for 11 years (when she was diagnosed with cancer in her colon and ovaries) and she is still such a fighter!

Last night we also had our first Childbirth class. Unfortunately Riley was unable to attend because he was at the hospital. It was very informative (Most things I already knew, but I did learn a few things too!) The next one is on Breastfeeding and that is the one I am ready to go to because thats what I have more questions about than anything.

I have a couple of pics to post...I will post them later.

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