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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

26 1/2 weeks

I am really bad about remembering to take pictures! I am so sorry Kimberly! :) I havent had really any new symptoms. She is kicking a lot more now and really hard and I love it! It gives me the reassurance that she is ok. The only thing that is driving me crazy right now is the Carpal Tunnel because I have to pretty much just sleep on my left side and I am one that likes to change positions often! I have had the 2nd trimester boost of energy but as that is coming to an end, so is my energy. I am noticing myself being more tired in the afternoons when I get home. I also just feel like I have a lot to do but I am a procrastinator! I said I would start early but with everything that has been going on since I have been pregnant, I really havent had a lot of free time to do it. It will get done soon though! The main thing we are working on in the next few weeks is opening up another closet in our master bedroom for my clothes. That is one thing I dislike about our house...not enough closets! But do you really ever have enough?? I plan to purchase the bedding and chair for the nursery after the appointment on the 19th. Hopefully we will get a for sure yes on it being a girl!

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And they call it puppy love said...

Yay!!!! You look great, can't wait to see the beginnings of the nursery!