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Monday, November 9, 2009

Thankful to a 5 year old

I have loved reading all of your posts about what you are thankful for. I am a bit of a slacker with the blog sometimes, but have been thinking of what I am thankful for daily. Today I ask my Kindergartners to think about what they were thankful for and we would share one thing each day until Thanksgiving break. I first told them how I was so thankful for the little baby growing inside me. We went around the circle and I got a lot of "my mom, "my cat," "my sister" and then I got to this little girl and she said "MY LIFE." Wow! That is pretty deep for a 5 year old. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for just being alive!


Rebecca said...

we all could hold onto the innocence of a child....I think we would all be better off! Love you and hope you are feeling great!

And they call it puppy love said...

Crystal, now that I am at work (at a computer all day) I want more belly pics, baby items you like and purchase, plans for motherhood, symptom updates,etc...Pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!