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Saturday, December 19, 2009

32 weeks

I went to the doctor on Thursday and everything was looking good. It was kind of sad because this was the first doctors appointment in a long time that I didnt get to see her. But I know I got way more ultrasounds than most. We talked a little about the her size right now. He said she is already pretty big but that would be a good thing. It just might mean coming earlier than the 13th. He said that we would talk as it got closer to time to see about taking her earlier if she still seemed big, but for now we would just leave the due date as the 13th.

I had a little bit of a scare yesterday. I had taken the day off to get some shopping done and also just for my sanity (yes I know I wont be back after Christmas but the kids are bouncing off the walls right now...if I can just make it until Tuesday!) Anyways, I had started doing a little shopping and was no where close to being finished with what I wanted to do that day when I started having a constant shooting pain on the right lower side of my stomach. I was in Barnes and Noble and could barely walk. So, I went and sat in my car for a little while and called Riley and I was in tears because it was really painful plus I was a little scared. He kept telling me to call the doc. but I hate to call them for every little pain so I said I would wait. So it seemed to be feeling better so I got out and walked in another store and had to walk right back out because I could barely walk. I had decided to go ahead and call the docs office but they were already closed and I didnt feel that I needed to call the emergency #. So I just went home. Finally, after a laying down for a while...the pain went away. I knew the whole time it wasnt like a contraction or anything but I also knew it was very painful and I had not had that kind of pain yet and of course with it being my first time with all of this I am going to worry. I came to the conclusion that I think she maybe had hit a nerve or was in a very strange position.


Rebecca said...

sounds like ligament pains....i got those a ton. Drink water and lean into the pain. That helped me....also christmas shopping on your feet all day probably didnt help....you should make riley shop haha. You look adorable!!!

Raegan & Caleb said...

I agree with Rebecca. It was probably ligament pain. I had them with Isabelle, but not so much this time around. Guess everything is all stretched out for #2!

Katie said...

I just found you from Rebecca's blog! Congrats on your little girl! I know she is already so loved! Praying for a great rest of your pregnancy as well as your MIL!

Merry Christmas!