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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 months

Wow I cant believe it has already been 3 months!  And boy has she changed so much!
Here is what Anna Riley has been up to this month:

  • According to my scales, she weighs a little over 14 lbs.
  • She is wearing 3-6 and some 6-9 clothes.
  • She is in size 1-2 diapers
  • She eats around 5-6 oz. every 3-4 hours during the day and here lately only wakes up once at some point in the night to eat.
  • She sleeps late (for now).  She gets up anywhere from 8:00-9:45!  I know this wont last much longer!
  • She has turned into a cat napper.  Her naps are rarely over an hour long.  Then shes up for about an hour or so before she gets sleepy again. Any suggestions on how to get her to take longer naps? 
  • She is mesmerized by the TV!  I let her watch Mickey Mouse Club or Sesame Street in the mornings while I make the bed, change, etc.  When I turn it on, she kicks and coos and just gets so excited!  She really loves all the colors and songs! ( I personally like these 2 shows as well!) haha

  • Her floor mat is one of her favorite things to play with.  She can play on it for a while without getting fussy.  She is loves grabbing the toys and checking herself out in the mirror (true girl already).
  • She is not as interested in the swing anymore.  It usually just puts her to sleep.
  • Bath time is a favorite now.  She loves to kick and splash and cries when I get her out!
  • Her hands are constantly in her mouth or in front of her face.  She likes to see her fingers move.  And she is constantly tucking her thumb under her index finger or holding her fingers like she has a pencil in her hand. 
  • She has rolled from tummy to back 2 times but hasnt done it since.
  • She has great control of her head and is constantly looking around at everything. 
  • She loves to stand in your lap.
  • She is laughing, cooing and squealing all the time.  She will have little "conversations" with you.  Her smiles still just melt my heart!
  • She has this yellow duck that Granna gave her that is on her carseat.  Sometimes she will not take her eyes off of it.  And sometimes even has a conversation with it.
  • She loves to go grocery shopping with me.  She likes all the bright lights and of course we get stopped a few times and she just loves the attention!
  • She likes to cuddle.  I will definitely miss this!
  • She is so good during church.  We still havent taken her to the nursery. 
  • She likes to hide her eyes when she is trying to sleep...whether its in my arm pit, with her hands, or her bunny.
  • She loves taking naps with her bunny.  She cuddles with it.  I dont put it in there at night yet because sometimes she likes to put it on her face.
  • She blows lots and lots of bubbles!
  • She is a really good, calm baby!
  • She is starting to look more like me but still has a lot of her Daddy's features. 
  • Her hair has lightened up so much and has a little bit of a red tent.  Her eyes are brown like her Daddy.  Her skin color lightened up a little.


And they call it puppy love said...

Wow, 3 months already! I remember when Carson first started cooing at Sesame Street! Cory and I love that show and Dinosaur train as well! I think babies really like the red characters - ELMO and Murry; and Clifford is a cute show too.

She is looking more like you!

courtneytidmore said...

Aww...she is such a perfect combination of both of you! I am so jealous Cameron got to come see y'all! Hopefully we will meet up this weekend. And the bunny picture is so sweet- Tucker still sleeps with his every night, I don't know how we'll ever take it away!

The Cannons said...

Absolutely precious!!:)

Katie Tanner said...

She is absolutley beautiful.

Natalie Catherine said...

i just love her three month shirt!! it's precious.