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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fairhope and Good Company

Wednesday night we headed down to Fairhope for a long weekend with Becca, Zach and Zoe Jane.  What a relaxing weekend!  We had so much fun lounging around, eating, playing with the babies, eating, playing at the pool and did I mention eating?? Zoe Jane and Anna Riley hit it off and we just know they are going to be best friends!! haha  We went downtown Friday night for Art Night.  They have it the first Friday of every month. There are people playing on different streets and everyone is just walking around enjoying the night.  Several of the stores stay open and some have wine and food samples.  It is just a fun, relaxing atmosphere. I look forward to our families vacationing together every year!
I took so many pictures that I am going to have to break it up over a few posts...

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