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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A child of God

After each  Zumba class, we always have a short prayer group for anyone that wants to stay and pray (another reason that I have loved going to my class...such amazing people!)  Well last week Rachel, our teacher, ask for prayer for this little 2 year old boy that had cancer that had spread to his brain and I just couldn't get that out of my head.  I didn't know the family but I felt so bad for them .  Last night, a girl ask for prayer for best friends 4 month old girl that had cancer.  This one hit even closer to home since Anna Riley is also 4 months old.  I think everyone in the prayer circle shed a tear for this family that we did not know.  My heart hurts so bad for his family.  I came home and told Riley and just couldn't get it off of my mind.  Anna Riley was already asleep but I couldn't help it, I went in and got her and just held her and rocked her.  Riley insisted she sleep with us last night (something that rarely happens anymore).  I just held her all night and woke up several times thinking of this family.  I know Anna Riley is a child of God.  She belongs to him and he can take her at anytime.  I thank God everyday for having such a healthy baby but as we all know it could happen to any of us. I just kept putting myself in those parents shoes and I just dont know what I would do.  I just don't want to take my time with her or any of my family for that matter for granted now or ever.  I am sure those parents are spending each day with their little girl as if it were there last...even if she overcomes this cancer and lives to be 100!   I know you dont know these families as I dont either...but when you pray, think of them.  You know if it were your child, you would want the whole world praying for them!

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