Hollyhand House

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pool Fun

   Tuesday, Anna Riley and I went to Berry for a while to visit.  We went swimming for a little while at my cousins new house and she actually got to use her float. She got lots of attention from Granna and Paw paw (my mom and Dad), Granny (my grandmother), Meme (my Aunt Kat) and all the kids.

   Being at the particular house brought back lots of childhood/high school memories.  I had spent a lot of time at this house growing up because my friend, Heather's family lived there then. Now we have babies that are just a month apart.



The Cannons said...

How cute!! We got to keep Emma Kathryn today! The boys just kissed her to pieces!!


I hope your family makes as many wonderful memories at the house and pool as we did.