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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet Potatoes

So I didn't listen to the doctor.  I don't plan on trying a lot of different foods right now but I definitely think she is ready for something more than cereal.  And she did great with the cereal.  You would think she was born to eat!  haha She really picked up eating with a spoon pretty fast and had no problems with constipation from the cereal.  I read that sweet potatoes are a really good 1st food and some people actually use it rather than a cereal because its easy on the tummy but has enough fiber to not cause constipation as much.  I had originally planned to wait a little longer, but I had read that and we were eating sweet potates that night anyway and so I just couldnt resist.  I also decided to make her rice cereal this morning because I had just been using the store bought kind (which is oh so gross!).  I tasted it and it was much better.  I am sure she liked it better too but she really has shown no emotion to any of it other than "give it to me!" haha. 

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