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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sippy Cup and new foods

We recently started let Anna Riley practice with a sippy cup.  She did really great the first time and held it herself and everything and now she wants me to hold it again.  But she is getting the hang of how to drink out of it. When we were at the pool the other day she was wanting my big jug of water rather than her sippy cup and it had a big straw in it.  I finally gave it to her thinking she would chew on it but she drank out of the straw! Since then she has done it a few more times with the smaller straws. 
      We have tried a few new foods.  I said I was only going to try a couple more but she is doing so good with everything and she is ALL about our food and really gets mad if we are eating and she cant have anything! So we have let her try several things.  Plus we have so many good fresh fruits and vegetables around the house right now I hate not to let her have some! She still hasn't had jar baby food (not that I am against that for anyone that does that but I just haven't had the need to give it to her yet).
      So far she has had brown rice cereal, bananas, strawberries, pineapple, peaches, avocados, sweet potatoes (a BIG favorite), green beans.  So far she has liked them all.  And the child eats as if it were her job! So I am kind of glad we started solids because if not I have a feeling I would have called the doctor anyways because she would have never been satisfied off of just cereal like the doctor wanted us to do. 
Trying Grannys green beans we had canned...wasnt sure she was going to like them at first
It was her first green vegetable.
OH YEAH! Give me more!  She loves them as much as we do!

That was Mmm GOOD!
This picture was after she had avocados.  She also loved them.  I think its one of her favorites.  Riley seriously eats them on EVERYTHING and I buy a lot of them every week so its a good thing she likes them too!

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Raegan & Caleb said...

We are pretty much on the same page as you. Darby is enjoying his food too. And he also thinks he needs to eat if we are eating. But I'm okay with that. Isabelle is not a picky eater and I hope that Darby will be the same.

Darby also uses a cup. Since he nurses 99% of the time I didn't see any reason to start him on a bottle. So the occasional time he takes his milk from someone other than me, I have it in his cup. I also put water in there too. He also drinks out of my glass as well.

It's fun to read your blog and see what Anna Riley is up too since she and Darby are the same age.