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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family weekend in Fairhope

We decided to all go down to Fairhope together this past weekend. It was bittersweet...it was nice all being together as a family and of course we always love going to Fairhope but it was the first time going as a family without Mrs. Cindy. It rained the majority of the weekend but we still had a great time.  Anna Riley enjoyed the little beach we have at the house this time.  She liked having the water come up to her feet.  Her Daddy took her in the bay and she loved it.   We also went to the pool on Saturday but we were only there for an hour and it started coming a thunderstorm.  She is such a water baby though.  I just hope she stays that way! The pictures arent the best because my lens kept fogging up. 
Papa Doug and his 3 grandchildren:  Brilyn, Ainslee and Anna Riley

All 3 looking at the camera?!  No way!  :)

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