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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I love you, little one

I love reading to Anna Riley and it is amazing how much she seems to love books already.  One of her favorites (and yes she does have favorites)  is I love you, little one by Nancy Tafuri.  We read this one almost, if not every day beause she loves it so much.  And I just love watching her as I read it.  It is about these baby animals that ask their Mama's if  they love them and the end of each page the text says "Do you love me, Mama?  I smile everytime because everytime I read that sentence she turns to looks at me as if she were saying "well..do you?? haha.   It goes through several animals asking and the Mama answering and explaining and everytime she looks at me and sometimes smiles.  I just love it! :)

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