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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Its just all happening a little too fast for me...

Wow! It seems like she is hitting so many milestones this month and it makes me realize that my baby is growing up soo fast!  I may have shed a few tears tonight.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE every stage she has been in and this is probably my favorite (aren't they all though?)  but when I go back to thinking about that little baby, a part of me is sad to think how fast she is growing and before I know it this stage will have moved on and she will be on to something else.  Anyways...enough sappiness!

**And we had to lower her crib all the way down because she pulled herself up and was standing in her crib.

**She also said her first word this week and it was "HEY!"  No mama or dada just a simple hey! haha  She has said it several times since then but never when I want her to of course!

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Anonymous said...

She is SO adorable!!!!!!