Hollyhand House

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peas Please

Riley and I both HATE English peas and there aren't many foods that either of us do not like but that is one that we both agree on.  I let Anna Riley try them this week and she really liked them.  I didn't want to deprive her of a food just because we didn't like it.  The foods she eats the most are definitely the ones that we eat the most just because its easier that way but I still want her to try other foods.  I am just wondering when and if I am ever going to find a food that this child just hates because I really thought it might be this one but I was wrong.   You should see what all this girl can inhale in one sitting too...what can I say though she comes by it naturally, her Daddy and I both love to eat!

She is getting very good and feeding herself...we usually just do snacks but I have been practicing with other foods.

She LOVES water and is so good at drinking out of her sippy cup and only likes the kind with the straw now, but refuses to hold it...so this was an improvement!
The last picture isnt good quality but was taken from the non-interesting video of her eating...but please notice how she lined her peas up in a perfect line!!  haha...how funny is that?!