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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sleepless Nights

This has been one of those weeks where we are all just sick.   Riley started us all off with a cold so he had a doctors appointment anyways for a checkup so he just went ahead and conveniently got a shot while he was there.  And then Anna Riley got it and this has been the worst one she has had.  Usually, she has just had the sniffles which was probably mostly from teething but not this time.  And then yesterday, I woke up with a sore throat so I went ahead and went and got a shot so that I would hopefully knock it out quickly.  Needless to say though, we have not gotten much sleep at our house.  Plus, on top of the cold, I do think that now she is trying to cut another tooth on top.  Its hard to tell though because she bites my finger every time I try to feel.  But sleep has not been that great ever since we lowered her crib anyways.  We are working on it.  I sure was used to her sleeping through the night though! haha.  But like all things...this too shall pass! :) 

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Raegan & Caleb said...

We are going throught the same sleepless nights. Darby likes to get up at least once now. I think it is his teeth. His other top one came in so I'm hoping he starts sleeping again.