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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eye Doctor

We went to see Dr. Kurdirka this morning about Anna Riley's blocked tear duct.  This is also Riley's optometrist so it was a familiar face.  We were there for 2 hours which was not fun trying to keep her entertained for that long.  They had to numb and dilate her eyes which she absolutely hated!  Then we finally got to meet with Dr. Kurdirka and he checked her over.  He said she seemed to be a little far sighted but nothing to worry about now.  But we would just keep a close check on it.  Riley did have to get glasses at a very young age so this may be repeated with Anna Riley.  He said that after 6 months of age, most tear ducts do not open up on their own.  He said with her being 9 months now, it is not likely that it will.  Her case is not in the "really bad" category but he said it is something that needs to be taken care of  or it could cause infections.  He said that if not taken care of simple surgery could turn into a more complicated surgery.  Riley and I told him our concerns of putting her to sleep at such an early age.  He said that is most every parent he talks with.  He said that they only give them enough anesthesia to not feel it and to not be moving and its only for 10 minutes so its not like they are knocked out cold for a while.  He suggested to wait a month and do aggressive massaging to her eye at least 4 times a day and come back and discuss the surgery again.  So keep us in your prayers that we make the right decision on that.  I know it is a very minor surgery but anytime my baby is put to sleep, it is not so minor to me!

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