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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas with Granna & PawPaw

Thursday night we headed to Berry to have Christmas with "Granna and PawPaw." Anna Riley wasn't feeling her best that night but it didn't stop her from eating! She ate so much, I think she gave herself a bellyache. She just kept stuffing it in!! I am so thankful for a hearty eater, but sometimes she doesnt know when to stop especially when its Granna's good food! She got lots of good toys at their house. She got a school bus slide that we are putting in her playroom, an American Girl bitty baby, Beauty and the Beast (my present too! :), bath toys, blocks and a stroller for her baby. But I think her favorite gift was from Uncle Wes...a big Minnie Mouse. You should have heard the shrill when she saw it! And then she would just laugh and give her kisses!

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