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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Playroom Pictures

I forgot that I never posted pictures of the playroom. We plan to probably get an entertainment center built because we can't find one we like so for now we have a temporary one that we already had. And we still have to get a rug to go under the couch (probably just going to get some binded carpet for now to save on $). But we need it because the room echos really bad. The pictures on the wall are pictures that Riley painted in an art class in high school. His Mom had saved them and they went perfect in here! I can't wait to display her artwork in here soon!
She loves her new space!! She goes from one area to the next! It never stays this clean for long...she can destroy it in 5 mintues!

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Joy said...

You will enjoy this room .The wall paint looks the same as what I have in my kitchen and living room.