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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 weeks (March 17)

I am slow about putting this up here because now I am almost 11 weeks.  I was 10 weeks on Thursday.  I am going to attempt a picture each week but I was not so successful doing that when pregnant with AR.
  • Symptoms:  I have been sick off and on.  I feel nauseated a lot but I dont get as sick as much as I did last time.  My nausea is at random times during the day/night...not always "morning" sickness.  I have also had some indigestion which I never really had with AR.  I have the Tums on hand now.  One of my favorite foods (pizza) now gives me really bad indigestion!! :(  I have had a lot more headaches this time. I am tired but I am slowly starting to feel my energy coming back. 
  • Weight gain:  Not exactly for sure because my weight has been fluctuating so much.  It seems to be about 2 lbs.  I know I am showing  a lot faster this time!
  • Cravings:  I didn't really ever have "cravings" last time but there are things that I tend to want more or set better with me.  I really like sour candy.  I have been eating lots of fruit.   In the very beginning I could not stand the taste of chicken or pork but I will eat it now but somethings still turn my stomach. 
  • Maternity Clothes:  Not yet
  • Sleep:   Other than having CRAZY dreams and waking up to pee, I sleep pretty good.
  • Best Moment of the week:  Seeing Anna Riley with baby Talon (he is 9 wks old) this weekend.  She loved him so much and was very good with him...hope it stays that way! :)
  • Doctor Appointment:  I had to have another ultrasound 2 weeks ago just to measure my cervix.  But, I got to see and hear the baby again!  The heartrate was 185 this time!!  That was a big difference from last time when it was in the 130s.  Everything was still looking good....I am anxious to know the gender.  I have been really feeling a boy but we will see!


The Sweet Life said...

Maybe your mothers' intuition is right, it seems like everyone is having boys these days,

Rebecca said...

I love that color on you! Anything red hurt me too which totally cuts out my diet! Love that we are preggo at the same time again!