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Monday, March 7, 2011

13 months (March 4)

Here is what Anna Riley is up to at 13 months old:

*Not for sure about her weight and height...I'm sure its still pretty close to last month
*She still wears size 4 diaper and 18 month clothes.
*She still is a good eater but not as good as she once was.  She is too busy and doesn't want to sit still to eat.
*She has a cup of milk after every meal.
*Eating out is definitely a challenge now.  Especially now that she can walk, she wants to get down out of the highchair and check things out!

*Speaking of walking...she is all over the place now!
*Loves the water! I can't wait until its warm enough to get in.  We were in Fairhope this weekend and we walked out on the beach and she took off to the water and cried because she couldn't get in! 
*Her favorite treats are ice cream and the Reece's miniatures. 
*"Talks" all the time but not in English!  She does say Dada, Daddy, Mama, uh-oh, good girl, dog (buts its more like dah), nasty (I said it referring to her diaper and she started saying it), she tries to say teeth and fish.  She is close to saying a lot of other words but hasn't gotten it yet.
*She loves making the "t" sound!  If you say any words that start with "t" she says that sound.

*She really likes stuffed animals.
*She LOVES her babydoll.  She carries her around all day and holds her to her chest and pats her back! Its so cute!  She also does this with her bunny and other stuffed animals.
*She loves books!  We read a lot of books throughout the day!  We are now reading 6 or 7 before bed...she likes to add to the list!

*Loves being outside and with the weather like it has been, I do too!
*She is definitely a people watcher!  She observes everything and everyone and will look at someone until they talk to her!  (Makes for a long grocery shopping trip because everyone stops and talks to her!)
*She is obsessed with dogs!  She gets SO excited when one is around! 
*When Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on, she shuts us out!  She is glued to the tv when "her show"  is on!  That's why we only watch a couple of episodes a day because she literally wouldn't move all day if I left it on!
*She gives the best kisses and is starting to hug now.
*We are in the process of taking the pacy away.  We took it completely away for almost 2 whole days/nights.  Then she had a meltdown.   But she is getting her one year molars in and her teeth have been hurting her a lot and she is getting over a cold also so we gave in and let her have it at night until they come in and she is feeling better.  I hate to take that away when she hurts so bad.  My goal in the beginning was to have it taken away completely by 15 months.  But since she was doing so good we thought we would take it away now.  We are also traveling twice this month so hopefully we will have better luck in a few weeks.
*Her hair is finally growing and it is getting so curly in the back.
*She went to her first Mardi Gras parade this weekend and loved it!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

cute cute outfit...and smile!!