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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter lunch and egg hunt at Granny Earnest's

Sunday, we went to my Grandmother's house for lunch and an egg hunt.  Granny 7 out of 9 of the grandkids there and I don't even know how many great grands!  We had so many kids!  This was Anna Riley's first time to hunt real eggs so she was quite amazed and there were quite a few eggs that just didnt make it! This was her 3rd time hunting eggs so she was finally getting the hang of what to do!  I think they hid like 13 dozen eggs.  As always, the kids would beg to do it all over a again so we ended up hiding them a few times!  I have the best memories of hunting eggs at Granny's house so I am glad Anna Riley gets to do this with all of her cousins!
PawPaw, Granna and Anna Riley

Giving Paw Paw kisses

So sweet! She was definitely a Granna's girl Sunday!

This poor egg was dropped so many times!

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courtneytidmore said...

So cute! Love that bubble she has on!