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Monday, May 30, 2011

Destin--Part 1

Riley was scheduled to have a conference last week in Sandestin.  After the April tornadoes, they decided to postpone the conference until November.  Since we already had everything booked, we decided to go ahead and go.  We left Tuesday morning and came back Sunday.  The weather was amazing...sun everyday and a nice breeze!! Can't beat that!! 

Anna Riley is always a pretty good traveler but I had a feeling that going down wasn't going to be so pleasant.  She had not been feeling well most of the weekend and we even had to skip church on Sunday because she was so cranky.  She has never had fever with teething and normally she might show some signs of teething but none has been this bad.  She was getting her last back molar and it about took all the patience I had but I knew she was in pain!  On Monday, she woke up screaming aroud 2 and I was up with her for a good while so neither of us had good sleep that night.  So, Tuesday on our way down she was not a happy camper (for the first half of the trip anyway)  then she finally gave in and took a nap. 

The first day at the beach was about the same...she was just not herself.  But she did enjoy being out on the beach and each day got better and I could tell she was feeling much better!  She crawled in my lap and took a nap every morning while on the beach only after she had a banana!  haha...that was her routine every day!  She played in the sand and in the ocean. But, she would not take an afternoon nap!!  I mean I tried while on the beach, I tried in the room..would not!!  On the last day, I had given up on the afternoon nap and it was our best day...she actually took two naps, both on the beach and we stayed out there from 9 to 5 with just going in for lunch and she was in the best mood that night! 

Once you have kids and they are in certain stages its almost just better to give up certain things such as eating out at a restaurant!  One night we ate at the Red Bar and she did pretty good until the end. Another night we just ate in Baytowne and there is enough there to keep her entertained so she was ok.  When we went to Harbor Docks...well that was a nightmare!  Let's just say we got to-go boxes before the food was there and took it back to eat!  I can usually entertain her and yes sometimes she wants down but we can make it through the meal.  This was horrible!  She was screaming!!  One of us would take her and walk by the water and she continued to scream so I didn't want to ruin everyones meal and let's face it we werent going to enjoy ours either so we left.  And guess what?? She was the happiest little girl when we got back and we did eat in peace!! :) 

All in all we had a great time, we always enjoy the Destin area! Anna Riley loved the Baytowne Wharf...we went a couple of nights and strolled around, let her play on the playground and ride the carousel, which she loved!! Here are a few pictures from the first day. I will post some of the others later.

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