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Monday, June 27, 2011

Miscellany Monday

We had a very low key weekend which was nice.  We ate Mexican, watched movies, went to a baby shower and had lunch in Berry. 

After we ate Friday night, we stopped by Best Buy and I got a zoom lens for my camera.  I am so excited!! Now that AR is on the go and is constantly running everywhere, it is hard to get close enough to get a good picture.  I can't wait to really try it out!

Saturday, Anna Riley and I headed to Bessemer for my friend, Kim's baby shower.  Kim and Eli are expecting their first child in August!  I am so excited for them!! Kim, Eli and myself were great friends in college!!  Candace (another college friend) hosted the shower at her house and she did a wonderful job!  Anna Riley had fun at her first baby shower...this Mama was a little worn out though after chasing her, cleaning up spilt drinks (sorry again Candace!) and trying to make sure she was careful with the little babies which she is obsessed with! 

We went to our last Kindermusik class for the summer this morning.  Anna Riley has really enjoyed her class!  She loves the teacher, Mrs. Erin!  The past two classes she told the kids to find their bouncing partner (which is supposed to be me) and AR ran over to be Mrs. Erin's partner...I think she is already trying to be a teacher's pet!!  I am trying to decide whether to do one in the fall in the evenings so Riley can watch Ava Kathryn while we go or just sit out a semester. 

This picture was from last week.

We are still having a few issues with Anna Riley sleeping.  She is "too busy" to sleep these days!  She pitches a fit every time she has to stop playing to take her nap.  I can tell she is extremely tired but she just doesn't want to stop.  At night, she doesn't go down so easy anymore and she often wakes up in the middle of the night crying.  And she is waking up a lot earlier than normal!  Its a little frustrating for this tired, pregnant Mama!


Candace said...

It was so, so good to see you again! Miss Anna Riley is getting so big so fast! And don't worry about spilt drinks - I do live with a toddler myself. :)

KIMI said...

LOVED seeing u guys this weekend!! Love the pictures too:). We really do have to get together more often. Also, good luck with the sleeping issues. I could not imagine being pregnant and having a 2 year running around ALL day!

The LeCroys said...

Crystal, Anna Riley is so cute!! I love the one of her laying in the floor at kindermusik!

And if it helps to know you're not alone, we have been having sleeping issues too... Maybe it is something with this age? Addy has been an on and off good/bad sleeper so I never know with her!