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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week/weekend recap

    We had a pretty busy week with Kindermusik, 2 doctor's appointments for me, 2 playdates, our anniversary, pool time and a cookout.   I have never taken as many naps as I did this week!  Getting out in the heat makes me so tired! 
     Monday, we had another Kindermusik class.  Anna Riley is really enjoying her class and we both love the teacher! 
    Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment and everything is looking good.  I am measuring right on track and we put the C-section in the books for October 6.  It is nice to have everything arranged ahead of time with who will be with Anna Riley while we are in the hospital!
    Last weekend, Riley and I tried the fairly new restaurant in Northport, Opus, for our anniversary while my Mom and Dad kept AR. So Tuesday night (our actual anniversary), I just cooked Pecan encrusted Tilapia, fried squash, garlic roasted asparagus and we had turtle cheesecake for dessert!

    Wednesday, we met Celia and her two babies and Mandy and her triplets at CHOM for a playdate.  Unforunately, I forgot my camera so I didn't take any pictures.  Anna Riley was in a mood that morning so I probably wouldnt have gotten many anyway.
     Friday, we met Peyton and her kids at the Annette Shelby park and splash pad.  The kids played in the water and we had a picnic lunch.  Thankfully, the weather was not so bad and we actually had a nice breeze under the shade trees.  Anna Riley loves playing with Cooper and Lily Grace.  I do actually have pictures of that..

       Friday night, we actually picked up food from Newks and relaxed at home and Saturday we spent the day at the pool and grilled out with some friends that night! 

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