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Sunday, July 10, 2011

17 months

Anna Riley turned 17 months on Monday.  Here is some things she is doing now:

- She weighs about 25 lbs.  She does not eat as good as she once did.  She shakes her head NO to a lot of food now but it doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't like it, because she might eat it later.  She wants to be down to run around!!  That's why eating out is getting to be pretty difficult!

- Even though her eating habits have changed a little, she still loves dessert!!  We don't give it to her unless she eats good and its usually just a couple of Reece minis but you should see how excited she gets!!  She also loves cookies and says "cookie" all the time.  Her Papa Doug always grabs her a cookie as we walk out of church (if we walk by the contemporary sanctuary) and so now when we get her from the nursery she says "cookie."

-When she drinks something, she will often say "Ahhh" and start laughing.

-She is obsessed with shoes (she gets it honestly)!  She can now put her crocs and other slip on shoes by herself.  She is always getting our shoes and trying to put them on.  When she sees them she says "shoes."

-She loves to buckle things or put tops on things.  She likes to try to buckle her carseat and she also has a baby carrier for her dolls that has a buckle that she can now do by herself.  She will worry you to death if you have a water bottle because she wants to sit and put the top on and off.

-Recently, she started winking/blinking both eyes.  We have never really winked at her so I don't know where she got that from but its really cute when she does it.

-She loves to put things in a container... I wish I could say clean up but she takes them right back out!  This is one of her favorite parts of Kindermusik and Storytime...putting the instruments back in the box!

-She loves to be outside and it doesn't matter how hot it is.  When she gets up she goes straight to the door to try to go out.

-All of our doors have a dead bolt that only locks with a key and we usually keep a key close by.  She knows that there is one on the entry table so she tries to get it to open the door.  While we were at the beach, she got Riley's wallet and got the key card out and did the same thing with the condo key.  Kids pick up on things so fast!

- She loves her baby dolls and could play with just them for the longest.  She is so motherly and loving with them, its so sweet!  She also loves all real babies.  She will go sit in strangers laps just to be close to a baby!  And since we took her pacy away, she wants to give them their pacy!  Just this week while at the beach, there as a 6 month old with us and the minute she would cry, AR would run get her pacy and give it to her!  Hopefully she will be this helpful when her little sister is here!!

-  We are constantly laughing at all of her silly faces she makes.  She is quite the character!

- She has been a little whiny the past month but most of it is a fake cry which is very annoying because it is just to get attention!! 

- She takes 1-2 naps a day.  For the most part, she just takes one nap around 1:30 but sometimes, especially if she woke up early, she still needs that morning nap.  She is back to sleeping a little better at night.  She slept with us while at the beach because she hates a pack-n-play and I didn't want everyone to have to listen to her cry/scream so she just slept with us and surprisingly we all slept great! But, she went back to did fine sleeping in her crib when we got back.  We also moved her bedtime to around 8:30 which has helped some.

-She is constantly repeating things and saying new words/phrases.  I can not even begin to think of all of them. 

-While at the beach, she loved watching the birds and airplanes!

-She is very much a girly girl!  She loves her bracelets and other jewelry, crowns, shoes.  I see lots of dress-up in our future with 2 little girls!! 

-She runs everywhere she goes or her newest thing is to walk on her tip toes.

-She is very attached to her grandparents.  She thinks she is always supposed to go with them and often cries when they leave. 

- When we say our prayers, she puts her hands together and blinks her eyes (I guess she doesn't want to shut them) and when we say Amen, she claps and says "yay!" 

-She gives the best hugs and kisses and she will finally "blow a kiss".

-She loves to eat ice...Taco Casa's is her favorite (isn't it everyones that lives in Tuscaloosa!!)

-She still loves Mickey/Minnie!! She has several pjs that have Minnie on them and she gets so excited to wear them...she is constantly showing you Minnie on on her shirt!  I decided she would definitely have a Minnie/Mickey birthday party next year since she is still so interested in them!!
I can't believe how fast our little girl is growing!!!

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