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Friday, August 12, 2011

31 weeks

Symptoms: I have had a horrible sinus headache pretty much all week and nothing seems to help it.  It is a little better now though.  I am finding it harder and harder to bend over especially since she is so high most of the time!  I have had a few symptoms that I never experienced with Anna Riley that make me think I might have better luck nursing this time.

Weight gain: Still around 22 lbs. but I fluctuate a few pounds give or take all the time.

Movement::  I am at the point now where it just seems like she is running out of room.  It seems that at least a few times a day her butt is in the upper left side and when she moves around it looks so weird!  I havnen't had quite as many lower movements this week but she definitely moves all the time!

Cravings: Nothing really...I am still eating cereal a lot and not just for breakfast.  I always want something sweet but I am trying to not go crazy with the sweets.  I always feel so guilty when I eat so bad but then I think after October, I have to get back to eating really well so I might as well enjoy it while its ok! :)

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good.  If I wake up in the early morning hours like 4 or 5 sometimes its really hard to go back to sleep and then once I finally do, I am not asleep long before AR wakes up so then I just feel really tired. 

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Phillips Family said...

Cute dress! You look great!