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Friday, September 9, 2011

35 weeks

Symptoms:  I am nearing the end and I can tell it!  I'm experiencing all the little aches and pains that you get toward the end and the only positive is I am almost there!  I have had a lot of pains really down low.  They are sharp pains that come and go and only last a few seconds but they really take your breath away.   I have been still going to the gym and doing Zumba as much as I can (which is only once or twice a week at this point) but after going Tuesday, I decided I would have to just stick to walking for the next 4 weeks.  My back has just been hurting so much more since I went this week and I just felt so achy all over...so no more Zumba for a while!  And the other symptoms are the obvious ones...having to literally roll out of bed, can't bend over, can't breathe, etc...  But no swelling or anything like that yet. 

Weight Gain: 26 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Same here...I didn't have quite as many maternity summer clothes so I am running out of options.  I am SO ready to buy and wear regular clothes!!!

Movement:  Still a lot of movement but not so much kicking as just moving or sticking her bottom or feet out. 

Cravings:  I haven't really craved anything lately.  Of course, with football season here, I want dips and tailgaiting food but thats not because of pregnancy that just because  love that type of food especially during football season! :)

Sleeping:  Not so great this week.  Since my back was hurting really bad, I had a hard time getting comfortable to go to sleep.  Once I am asleep, I can't stay asleep long before I have to go to the bathroom!  Some nights are better than others although last night was not one of those nights.  I am pretty sure I went to the bathroom at least 6 times during the night if not more! 

Dr. Appointment:  I had a doctors appointment this morning.  My doctor is out right now because he had thumb surgery so I saw Dr. Madden, another doctor in the practice.  I told him about all the sharp pains I had been having and he did an exam to make sure everything was still ok and he also did the group b strep test.  He said my cervix still seemed to be fine so what was probably happening was my uterus was just expanding more causing the pains and also she is probably dropping a little lower (although it definitely doesn't feel that way).  He said most mothers never complain about having the pains with the first pregnancy but then experience them with the following pregnancies. He said it would be a good idea to take it easy the next few weeks though. I also got the flu shot today.


Rebecca said...

I can't believe your belly!!! Love it!

Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

You look great! Those last few weeks are the worst. And the Dr is right, there are so many pains you feel with the 2nd baby that you don't feel the 1st time. With Lucy I had so much pressure in my pelvic area the last month. I kept thinking something was wrong. Luckily I had plenty of other Mom's reminding me it was normal for a 2nd baby.