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Friday, November 11, 2011

21 months

Anna Riley turned 21 months last Thursday, Nov. 4.  Here is what she has been up to this month:

-I am not for sure how much she weighs right now but she wears 24 month/2T clothes, size 6 shoe and size 4 or 5 diapers (5s seem to work better at night).

-She does not eat as well as she used to!  She would much rather just snack all day long...what kid wouldn't?!  I let her have snacks but I definitely have to cut her off or she would never eat a real meal!
-She still loves fruit and sometimes that is the only part of her meal she will eat.  For breakfast her favorites are scrambled eggs or a nutragrain bar.  She still only drinks milk or water and an occational capri sun roaring water.  She just doesn't really care for juices. 
-She loves popsicles and starts first thing in the morning begging for one!
-We had a hard month with all the changes.  She had been trying to cut her two bottom eye teeth the week before I had Ava Kate.  She was very whinny and just wanted me all day long and threw many tantrums when she didn't get her way (not so much with the teething there as it was just being a toddler!)  Well all of that just got worse when Baby Sister arrived!!  She was acting out for attention and didn't feel well at the same time!  I thought we were all about to go crazy!  Luckily, when her teeth came through, things got better...a lot better!!  She still throws a tantrum here and there and that is going to happen but it is not like it was and that makes me a happy Mama!  I had really missed my happy baby!!

-She LOVES puzzles and books so much!  She gets one book after another for us to read or will sit and look at books on her own.  She loves puzzles now that she can do them on her own! 
-She likes for you to ask her where a certain animal/object is in the book and she will point to it.  But, sometimes she wants to point to the wrong one first and she will say "nooo" and then she will point to the right one. 
-She loves to count and if she sees several things lined up she will point to them and say "count" because she wants us to count them with her.  She can count to 10 but will not do it when I ask her to.  One of her favorite games on the ipad is a counting game. 
-She loves playing her games on the ipad.  She works it really well and if you are using it she will come up and say "PEEEZ" so she can have it.
-She thinks that saying please means she gets it! 
-The reason she says please so much is because she was saying "Give me that!"  We would get on to her and tell her she had to say please! haha

-She might have had a hard time when Little Sis first arrived, but she is such a good Big Sister now.  She doesn't like when the baby cries and if she is in her swing, she will run over and start pressing the buttons to turn the music on for her.  She will just walk by her and say "Hiya Sissy!" 
-She is a good little helper, too.  I can ask her to bring me the burp cloth or throw something away and she loves to know she is helping me. 
 -She is constantly grabbing our hands to show us something.  I will be glad when she can communicate things a little better so she can just tell us!
-She walks around with either her first and middle fingers crossed or her middle and forth finger.  It is so funny.
-When she wants you to hold her, she says "EEEE"
-She has recently been asking to "rock rock" before nap and bedtime.  I think this has to do with a baby being in the house or possibly trying to prolong bedtime because she has never really wanted to be rocked.  I do enjoy rocking her when she lets me though.
-When I rock her, I usually sing "Jesus loves me".  The other day, Mom was going to rock her and she started singing Jesus loves me and Anna Riley said "No...Mommys!"  I guess she thinks that is just my song! 
-She still loves animals and is constantly making the animal sounds.
-Her favorite thing is to look for airplanes.  She will put her hand to her ear and say "hear it, hear it...airpwane!"
-She still loves to watch Mickey Mouse but she will now watch a few other shows. She likes Dora, Little Einsteins and Sesame Street. 
-She loves to be outside.  She doesn't understand when it is too cold or raining.  She could stay outside all day long!
-She also loves to paint now.  She will come get me and take me to the playroom closet so I will get the paints out for her.  She is usually good about only painting paper but recently she has wanted to paint herself a lot! 
-She is always wanting us to come sit in the recliner so she can pop the foot part out.  She thinks it is so funny!  It reminds me of that part of the movie, Sweet Home Alabama!

-She jabbers all the time until she is around people she doesn't know all that well and then she is so quiet!
-She is really starting to talk more in phrases rather than just words.  She is so curious about what everything is.  She wants you to name EVERYTHING!  She will point to things and say "what's that?" 
-She says "gazuntite" when you sneeze because that is what her Daddy often says. 
-She is a Daddy's girl!!  Now that Ava Kate is here, she really wants her Daddy a lot.  Sometimes on the weekends, he will take her to check on some of their jobs they are working on with him and he has been taking her jogging with him in the afternoons a lot.  She loves that one on one time with her Daddy!

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