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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

22 months

Anna Riley is 22 months old!  I can't believe she will be 2 years old in just 2 short months!! Wow, time sure does fly!! She is getting so big and doing so many new things these days...here are some things she is doing at 22 months old:

-She wears size 24 month and 2T and a size 6 shoe.  She wears either a 4 or 5 diaper. 
-We had to go to the doctor the other day to get checked out for a lingering cold and she weighed 28 lbs.
-I don't remember how tall she was, but she is always above average in her height!  She is always getting comments on how tall she is.

-She is very strong willed and impatient!! haha  Riley says the impatience comes from me!  She gets frustrated very easy!!  If things aren't done a certain way and in a timely fashion a meltdown is sure to happen! 
-She goes through spells with her sleeping.  She sleeps great most of the time but we have times where she either doesn't want to go to bed and cries and bangs on the door or she gets up in the middle of the night again. 
-She eats very little some meals and great some meals.  But she sure does love those cookies when she does eat good!  She will beg for cookies or cake! 

-She is so funny these days.  She is constantly making us laugh.  She is just starting to get into dressing up.  These were some of my old scarfs that I gave her to play with.  She wanted them all tied to her.

-She LOVES shoes!!  I guess she comes by it naturally.  She would sleep in shoes if I would let her! 

-She likes to watch me put on makeup and pretend that she is too.  On Thanksgiving day, we were running a little late because we were leaving from Berry to go to Fairhope so we had to make sure we were all packed so we were kind of running around and I had not noticed that she had gotten in my makeup.  When I went to put her in the car, I noticed that her eyes looked really sparkly and brown and finally realized it was my bronzer that she had put on!  It looked like someone hit her in the eye!! haha

-She loves to play in boxes...what child doesn't though?!  And those soap.com boxes are the best!
- When she wants us to go somewhere or get something for her, she gets our hands and drags us where shewants us to go.
-She is starting to like "pretend play"...she is constantly picking up pretend things off the floor to give to us and she will say "here you go, Mommy"... if we don't get it and do something with it, she will just keep giving it to you!

-For a while, she did not play with her babies as much, but they are back now! She loves all of them and is constantly pretending to give them food and sips of her drink. We still have the exersaucer in the playroom and she puts her babies in it to play. She recently got the little people nativity set and I caught her suctioning baby Jesus' nose out a couple of times!!

-Speaking of babies, she is all about her baby sister right now!  She wants to hold her a lot and "rock rock" her. She will say " want rock rock baby"...but she only wants to rock her in the little vibrating chair or the carseat!  I am afraid she is going to think Ava Kate is her new baby doll now so I have been keeping a close eye on them. Anna Riley has always did great and never tried to pick Ava Kate up or anything but she is all about being a little mother right now.
-Her vocabulary has really expanded this month!  She is saying more and more phrases...some of  the regulars are:  "give me that" or "give me that back" (we have had to work on this), "no" and "no way" (and she is usually shaking her head and hands), and recently she says "no ma'am (she says this to RIley as well) "hear it?" "lets go bye bye", "see you later", "want to play outside...car...phone, "there you go or here you go", "I want that." and so many more I just can't think of them all.  These are just the ones I hear the most.
-She is constantly saying our names...she walks around the house saying "Daddy, Mommy, Sissy!" 
-She has been able to count to 10 for a little while but would rarely do it.  Now she counts all the time and counts everything she sees.  But she usually starts at five for some reason!  She knows 1-5 not sure why she doesn't say it, but says 5-10 perfectly and every once in a while I hear a 13 in there?! 
-We have really worked on colors this month.  Last month she was only interested in knowing the color blue but now she knows blue, yellow, red and pink and sometimes green.  The other day she brought me one of the red ornaments that I let her play with and held it to my red pants and said "red, Mommy! red" 
-She also points out things she sees that are the colors she knows when we are going somewhere or if she seems them on T.V. or in a book.

-She would be snack all day if I let her! 
-She LOVES popsicle!  Most mornings, we I telling her no popsicle and its only 8am!!  At least now, I am buying sugar free!
-She also loves fruit snacks!  She runs to the pantry all the time and wants fruit snacks. 

-I let her play with my phone a lot especially while I am in a store.  I have realized that she is calling so many people!!  Sometimes she take my phone while at the house and goes and calls people.  She calls Riley and my parents a lot and will talk and talk and I will have no idea that she has called them!

-I call her my little tornado, because she literally destroys everything in her path!!  She is into everything right now!! 
-She really likes doing anything outside but she loves things that aren't toys like the lawnmower, our cars, golf carts, 4 wheelers. She just likes to ride on anything!!

-She loves her rain boots and calls them her "Paw Paw boots" because my Dad wears boots a lot so she thinks she has boots like him now...even though I don't think he would wear polka dots!

-She LOVES playing inside the car.  This would entertain her for a good hour.  She likes for you to close the door and just let her play.  She will say, "bye bye Mommy...see you later!"  "I go bye bye!"  We have had many meltdowns because she couldn't play in our cars at a certain time!

Even though she can be a mess sometimes and is constantly into everything right now, I couldn't imagine my life without this precious little girl!!  She means the world to her Daddy and me!  We love her SO much! 


Rebecca said...

I love the last picture!!! Just precious!

Phillips Family said...

Carson loves to get into my make-up to, I gave him one of the brushes one day so that he would quit grabbing things and now he loves to play with the sponges and brushes. As soon as he sees my make-up bag he says "oh! I need some make-up" Cory says "you're killin me son!" :)

kimberly t. bowling said...

Oh my lands...the pic of her in her dress shoes and ruffle socks, naked, is PRECIOUS!! You should totally print that in black and white and frame it!