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Monday, December 19, 2011

Is it already Christmas??

Just like everyone else, we have been super busy around here.  I feel like I have been running a marathon since Ava Kate was born.  I do bring a lot of it on myself because I don't let things such as, oh having a newborn slow us down.  In the spare time I had to blog, I was working on another project that took up all my "blogging time" so now that it is finished maybe I can get back to it. 

Here is a quick recap of somethings we have been doing this month thus far.  I plan to do separate posts with pictures in due time. 

-We started the Christmas festivties off the first weekend in Decemeber with a Christmas lunch at the Bright Star with Riley side of the family (Riley's grandmother's sisters).
-We have had a three birthday parties this month (next year it will be 5 just in Decemeber!)
-Anna Riley has taken after her Mommy and loves to bake.  We have baked cookies a few times. 
-Anna Riley really liked looking at the Christmas lights this year!
- I hosted two Christmas parties in one week at our house.  One was for my Bunko group on a Thursday night and I had planned to have my month to host be December last Christmas so it was before I knew I would have a newborn.  SO...crazy me thought we would just have a small party that weekend too! Why not?!  haha...oh the things I do to stress myself out!  Both parties were great though!
-I have a new nephew!  Riley's sister, Amanda had her first baby on Decemeber 11th! 
-Anna Riley got her first haircut!!!  I can't wait to share the pictures!
-Becca, Zoe and Evan came to visit!
-We celebrated Riley's birthday with his favorite birthday meal...Spam and Mac and cheese! (weird, I know!)
-We have did a lot of painting and Christmas crafts.  Anna Riley LOVES to do the handprint crafts.  But, now everytime we paint, she automatically starts paiting her hands!
-We went to the Earnest Christmas party this weekened...complete with my Mom's famous egg rolls!!

Pictures to come....

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