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Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday

We had a very low key weekend and it was quite nice!  We celebrated Talon's 1st birthday on Saturday afternoon (forgot my camera!).  Courtney did such a great job with his party!! It was a winter ONEderland theme and it was just adorable!
Sunday was the first time in a long time that Anna Riley went to her class at church without any tears!! YAY! Ava Kate also did great in the sanctuary with us.  So we celebrated with lunch at Fig...she picked a big piece of chocolate cake for dessert of course! We spent the rest of the day outside playing since it was such a beautiful day!

Party Planning:
I knew what I was going to do for Anna Riley's birthday this year probably the day after her party last year! :)  There were lots of different themes I really wanted to do but she loves Mickey and Minnie so that is what it will be! The preparations are taking place but I am really trying to do things simple this year.

Sickness: With the weather constantly changing...we all have colds again! Uugh!  Poor Ava Kate always seems the worst but I think its just because she is so stuffed up and can't breathe...poor thing! And its not going to get any better since it will be rainy tomorrow, really cold Wednesday and then in the mid 70s this weekend!! Oh my!!

Anna Riley started school last week and she went on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  I really think she is going to love it!  On Wednesday, I just went through the carpool line and did not walk her in.  I had been telling her all morning what would happen and that I would drop her off and one of her teachers would come to the car to get her and then I would be back at lunch to get her.  She just kept saying "okay, Mommy!"  When we got there and she saw Ms. Ashton come to the door she started waving her hands and saying "no,no,no!" but when she got her out she was fine and she never had any tears.  They said she is doing great but still gets a little upset during transitions.  She didn't have school today because of the holiday.

I got an embroidery/ sewing machine combo for Christmas and it is finally out of the box!  I have been a little intimidated to get it out!! I am now trying to get all the supplies I need to get started.  I wanted it mainly to monogram and applique some of the girls clothes but I really want to learn to sew a few basic things. I feel like a lot of the clothes I buy, especially for Anna Riley right now, are clothes that would be pretty simple to make.  I have been talking to Jennifer Clark (Livi Stitches) since she makes beautiful clothes for her girls and she taught herself how to do it!  I know a little bit about sewing but not enough to make anything.  I purchased three basic patterns from Jennifer.  She has been great to help with all of my questions.  My first goal, however, is to figure out the monogram/applique stuff. 

And just a few pictures just because:

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Ashley said...

Exciting to be able to monogram and appliqué!!!!