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Monday, January 30, 2012

Our weekend

We didn't do very much this weekend and I have to admit I really like those kind of weekends sometimes! We are really enjoying this spring-like weather in January!! 

 On Saturday morning, Ava Kate got her first taste of solid food.  I decided to try oatmeal rather than rice cereal this time and she really liked it. 

Anna Riley spent most of the day outside with her Daddy.  Since it was windy and AK is getting over her cold, she and I stayed inside most of the day.

Saturday night, my parents decided to come for a visit.  My Dad will not be able to come to Anna Riley's party next weekend so they brought her a present.  Her big present is a Barbie Jeep to keep at their house to play on when she is there but she hasn't seen it yet.  She loved the Dora dress up set she got though!  She even took a bath with the necklace and wand!

I guess playing all day tuckered these two out!  Anna Riley wanted her Daddy to "rock rock" her and usually he rocks her for a few minutes and lays her down.  I was in the back feeding Ava Kate and fifteen or twenty mintues had passed and they were still in the den so I went to see what was going on and both were passed out!!  I went to get the camera and Riley woke up (because his mouth was wide open! haha) 
No, I do not make my child wear a bow to bed, she begs to wear one all the time and she wanted one in before bed. :)

Sunday morning, Ava Kate went to the nursery for the first time.  She did great but I knew she was sleepy when we dropped her off, but she didn't sleep at all.  So when we got home, sweet girl took a 3 hour nap and I had to wake her because she had already slept through a feeding.  

This is what happens when I say
"Take a sweet picture!"

I love this picture because this is how
Ava Kate watches her Big Sister
all the time!!

And yet another "sweet" picture! :)
Hope you had a great and relaxing weekend!!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

A couple of thoughts....I love how AK is looking up intently at her big sister, that is just to precious. And the owl dress is so very cute...and I think it's a hoot that AR always wants to wear a bow....that's a blessing, so many little girls fight it! :)