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Sunday, February 5, 2012

2 years old!!

I can't believe our little girl is now two years old!!  She is growing and changing everyday!  She has changed our lives in so many ways and I thank God everyday for such a wonderful blessing!! 

Here is what Anna Riley is up to at 2 years old:

-She weighs around 28 lbs (appointment in a couple of weeks), wears size 2T clothes, size 6 shoes and 4 diaper.
-She started preschool this month and she seems to really like it!  She has adjusted really well. 
-Since starting school, we have had to move her bedtime up to 7:30 and maybe eventually 7 because she was starting to wake up every morning between 6:30 and 7 so she was just exhausted especially on school days.  She also takes one nap a day that lasts usually two hours.  She usually goes down for that between 12:30 and 1. 

Favorite Foods:  Mashed potatoes, Sweet potatoes, hotdogs, green beans, chicken nuggets(preferably from the "cow"...aka Chickfila!), waffles and pancakes, most any fruit
Favorite snacks:  Cheese, yogurt, Nutra Grain bars, Fruit snacks, popsicles, goldfish, cookies, m&ms and cake!!
She has a new love for juice (or I should say very watered down juice and roaring waters).  She used to drink so much milk but she doesn't like it as much anymore (I guess she takes after me).  She LOVES orange juice!!

-Favorite toys:  Babydolls, her baby strollers and grocery carts, the ipad/phone, her doctor kit
-Favorite shows:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora the Explorer, SuperWhy, Curious George
-Favorite Activities:  playing outside, painting, playing games on the ipad, playing in our cars, reading books, riding on the gator, Running all over the house as fast as she can.
-Favorite book:  Goodnight Moon (we read this over and over)
-Favorite songs: Twinkle, Twinkle little star, If your happy and you know it, Itsy Bitsy spider, wheels on the bus and Jesus loves me. 

-She loves her "sissy" so much and Ava Kate watches and laughs at her all the time.  She always ask for her right when she gets up.  If anyone else holds Ava Kate, Anna Riley comes and wants to hold her.  She has helped me feed her bottles and oatmeal.  She gives her kisses all the time.  It just melts my heart!

-She is talking nonstop now!  When Dr. Roberts told me at her last appointment that she should be saying around 200 words by two, I was a little worried that we would not be anywhere close to that.  Its amazing how much she has improved with this since then!  She can communicate with us so much better now and that really helps her frustration! 
-Some of the phrases I hear often are:  "Okay, Mommy!", "Oh no, I tuck" (she thinks she is always stuck!) "I can get it", "I did it", "I hold it", "Mommy/Daddy rock rock", "I eat" "I want snack/wawa/goose- juice" "I go Bye-bye"

-She is getting better with her colors and she likes to point them out when she sees them somewhere.  She knows yellow, blue, red, green (most of the time), and pink.
-She likes to count and she does it all the time.  If I give her m&ms or something similar she wants to count the first and name the colors. 
-She likes to sing the clean up song and will help clean up small messes...I look forward to when she can clean the playroom up on her own. 
-She has a new found love for "singing!"  If you start singing a song, she chimes in but only knows about every other word and the words she knows she says really loud!  So cute! 
-She makes the funniest faces and often when we are getting on to her, she tries to do a funny face so we won't get on to her! Too bad, it doesn't work! :)
- She recognizes our cars and places we go.  She knows certain friend's houses when we pull in and she knows when we are home and when we are at Chickfila (yes we go there quite a bit!) 
-She has developed quite the little temper.  I can't blame this one on her Daddy at all because he doesn't have the slightest temper.  When she is tired, she goes downhill fast!  She is very impaitent which also leds to a tantrum more times than one!  Oh the terrible twos!!  I have a love/hate relationship with this stage!!  I love watching as she is learning so many things and the cute things she is starting to say but when the tantrums start, I often wonder where my sweet girl is?!  I have said so many times, I can be so frustrated with her one minute and then my heart just melting the next.  I guess only your child can really do that! :)

A few cute things she has did this month:
-A friend of mine hands down a lot of her girls' clothes to us.  One night, I put a pair of the pajamas from them on Anna Riley.  I did not re-wash the clothes because I knew she wouldn't give me dirty clothes so they still smelt like her house (you know how everyone's house has a different smell).  When I put it on AR, she immediately sniffed it and said "That's the girls'!"  (We often say we are going to play with the girls' rather than saying all three names). I thought that was so neat that she picked up on their smell!!

-Recently, everytime we wear a shirt that has the Alabama 'A' on it or anything Alabama she points to it and says thats Roll Tide! :)

-When I drop AR at school, for the first couple of weeks before she would get out, she would say "Mommy, come back??"  Poor thing! And one day, she told her teacher as she was fighting back the tears, "hey, that's my sissy!!" in a very matter of fact kind of voice! So sweet!

-Every lady with grey hair she sees, she immediately thinks its Mimi (Rileys grandmother).  She gets mad when we are out and "MiMi" doesnt talk to her! haha  There is also this commercial that comes on the local channel that is an advertisement for a dentistry in town and everytime she says "hey, thats Mimi!"

-If you have been reading my blog, you know I always refer to my Mom as Anna Riley's Granna.  Well, poor Mom...she has been trying to get Anna Riley to say her name since the day she came out and being stubborn like she sometimes is, she never would.  She would even call her "PawPaw" when we would ask who Mom was.  Well a couple of weekends ago, Anna Riley spent the weekend in Berry and when she came back, Mom had a new name.  Anna Riley decided that she was going to call her Kat!  There is no changing her mind either!!  She came up with this all on her own and refuses to call her Granna...only Kat!  So...whether Mom likes it or not, she is now Kat! :)

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kimberly t. bowling said...

That is so funny....refusing to call your mom by name and then coming out with Kat! Love it! It is what it is, right? And everyone will relish in it whatever she calls her! :)