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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Anna Riley's birthday party Part 2

Anna Riley did not really feel well on her birthday, poor thing!  She had a cold and she coughed a good bit of the night so she didn't sleep well.  Once we got to her party, she was so excited and played non-stop!  She didn't even want to stop for cake!!  I was really glad we had it somewhere other than our house, because she wouldn't have had as good of a time had it been here and her not feeling well.  She was so excited to see all of her friends, too!  They played and played and took a short break to eat and played some more.  I tried to get pictures of most of the kids, but I did not get many pictures of them playing because they were so fast going from one thing to the next!
She had a blast climbing up and down this slide! She
would climb up it all the way to the top!

Little Fishcer having fun!

The two great-grandmothers (Mimi and Granny Boo)
had fun watching all the kids!

PopPop and PawPaw
We were so excited that PawPaw got to come!!

PawPaw and lil sissy dressed in her
Minnie Mouse, too!

Some of the Dads...I think it is great that Dads come to bday
parties now too!! 

Chloe looked so cute in her litte Minnie dress!

Zoe all dressed in Minnie, too!  :)
Zoe came all the way from Atlanta to celebrate with us!!

Pop Pop feeding AK

Anna Riley really wasn't into pictures so this is the best
we could get!

Anna Riley with her PawPaw

Sweet Addie Gail

Pop Pop and AR
Maggie or Mags as AR calls her!  This is one of
Anna Riley's very best friends!

We are so thankful for all of our friends and family that came out to celebrate with us!  Anna Riley is so blessed to have such special people in her life!

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Lauren said...

Very cute party, Crystal!! I tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't let me... those topiaries are the cutest! Looks like Anna Riley had fun :)